5Dimes strengthens its grip on the Italian market

5Dimes used to be the leading bookmaker, online casino and poker operator in Europe. They are still at the top of the 5dimes-poker-bonus_1397339007food chain, but competition is more intense than ever before.

It is increasingly difficult for them to consolidate their position but they know the industry inside out.

Right now, it looks like the Italian market shows tremendous potential and this is where they tried to establish a beachhead.

Local players are anxiously waiting to see which international gambling operators are willing to make sizable investment. This is exactly what 5Dimes has done over the last couple of weeks, by signing some high profile media deals. For starters, there invest massively in advertising, so they are able to reach out to the local Italian gamblers. Many of them are already familiar with the brand, which means a great deal for a company willing to provide them with quality product.

Italians are big fans of football so despite the fact that the gambling group focus is now on the casino division, sports are not neglected. They make great use of both print newspapers and online media to promote their content and run some convincing as.

They also have amazing LED displays that are clearly visible during high profile matches, which bring together tens of thousands of fans. It goes without saying that they have the chance to see the name of the casino multiple times throughout each match.


For the time being, Lazio, Fiorentina, Genoa, Sampdoria, Udinese, Cagliari, Chievo Verona, Pescara and Palermo are the teams where these LED displays are promoted. The casino has high expectations for 2016 and its representatives are strongly convinced that 2017 will be just as better.

They were happy to reconfirm their presence on television as well as in print and express their intention to persevere in this direction. The agreements with Sky, Mediaset and Sport Network are just the tip of the iceberg.

So far, they focus on improving the recognition and visibility of a brand that Italian punters and casino fans are already familiar with. Every now and then it pays off to bring it back in the spotlight and this is exactly what the bookmaker and casino is doing.

The fact that the passion for football and casino games goes hand-in-hand for the Italian audience benefits them, since they properly covered both genres.