The £1M Slotsmania starts at BGO Casino

BGO Casino didn’t have too many active promotions in the first weeks of 2016, but there are definitely making amends forlogo-casino-bgo that slow start.

The latest campaign goes by the name of Slotsmania and it has a staggering prize pool of €1 million, which will be distributed among lucky players.

To participate in this campaign, you need to bet at least €10 on selected slot machines and then meet the wagering requirements

This campaign has started on the first day of February and the first draw is scheduled for February 5, while having a prize for a €75,000. The process starts all over again the very next day and until the end of the month and will be no fewer than eight different draws.


Even if you are late to the party or don’t have the time to wager real currency on the selected video slots, you won’t be excluded from this campaign.

A total of 60,000 prizes will be awarded until the end of this campaign, so make sure you don’t forget about BGO Casino this month. You can bet in currency equivalent and as long as you surpassed the amount of €10 will be entering the competition for the next draw. The prizes range from a tiny amount of €10 to a maximum of €5000 and you can win anything in between.

The first withdrawals have a total of 5000 prizes, while the next two increase the number two 6000 and the same process applies to the draws five and six.

By the time players compete for the seventh draw, they will be a total of 12,000 individual prizes and each participant can win several of them. These will be credited to their account in less than 48 hours after the raffle concludes.